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Best of 2021 most read training articles of 2021


USA Triathlon Certified Coaches have shared their expert advice throughout 2021 in Multisport Zone, the weekly newsletter for annual USA Triathlon members. Read on for the top 10 most read training articles of the year.

10 tips for getting back to the pool

With the reopening of swimming pools across the country in 2021, we looked forward to returning to the pool. Here’s how to make it easier for you to return to swimming when you return to the pool.

Training tips for a safe and efficient return to multisport

In 2020, without a lot of opportunities to run, it was easy for skills to decline when we were outside of our normal routines. With this loss of familiar routines, what was once automatic now requires some thought. To avoid complacency, let’s identify some potential weak spots and make plans to address them.

8 tips for a quick and smooth transition

Transitions should be seen as an integral part of your entire run, not as an isolated entity. Like a swimming turn, transitions are both the end of one part of the race and the start of another. Here’s how to make your transitions a success on your next race.

Train your mind for triathlon

One of the most difficult things about the mental side of endurance sports is that it cannot be directly seen, quantified, or measured. While every endurance athlete will say that the mind is essential, this lack of clarity makes it more difficult for all endurance athletes to appreciate, engage, and achieve the benefits of mental training. Here’s how to train your mind for triathlon.

5 reasons to try gravel

As a triathlete, you’ve probably heard of gravel cycling, but you might not have tried it yet. Here are the top five reasons to try gravel.

How to find the right coach for you

Your first coach is a big step. You have embarked on your training and are ready to pursue a new goal. The goal may be to complete your first sprint triathlon or win your age group down the road, but in many cases the right coach can help you get there. Use these topics and questions as a starting point to build a list of potential coaches to follow up with and determine if they are the right triathlon coach for you.

How writing helps your training and performance

Writing can be the key to better performance in triathlon, reduced stress and greater enjoyment of the sport. Thoughtful writing will help you focus like a laser on running the race and performing well.

Expert beginner tips for Clydesdale and Athena athletes

So you are a Clydesdale or Athena athlete and you are going to register for your first race. Impressive! These tips, from John Bye, certified USA Triathlon trainer and Clydesdale athlete, will get you started.

3 ways to stick to your goals

Setting goals is essential, but sticking to your training program is how you achieve those goals.

Fortunately, there are a few techniques that can really help you pursue and stick to your goals, day in and day out and workout after workout.

Resources and tips for training in the cold

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where the temperature is far from zero, keep rubbing it on our face and enjoy your 70 degree runs. Meanwhile, for the rest of us, we’re either stuck inside on the treadmill or braving the winter and coming home with frozen eyelashes. To help you prepare for the cold, we’ve put together a list of winter training tips from certified USA Triathlon coaches. Stay warm and run those miles this winter.