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Austria Awards State Prize for Innovation –

We are currently going through several global and local crises. After the pandemic, we now face energy, inflation and supply chain challenges. Innovation is a central key to the solution here. “The State Prize for Innovation recognizes the outstanding achievements of companies in this field and thus makes them visible. In this way, these projects develop a charisma as examples of success and make innovation visible. I congratulate warmly DSM Austria for its award and its innovative realization.” said Minister of Labor and Economic Affairs Martin Kocher on the occasion of the presentation of the State Prize for Innovation.

The State Prize for Innovation is organized by Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (AWS) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs (BMAW) and was awarded for the 42nd time this year. In addition to recognizing the most innovative companies, future innovators were also showcased ahead of the event as part of AWS First Pitch Day. During this event, young innovative entrepreneurs were invited to take the stage. The top three projects were also presented for the State Innovation Award.

DSM Austria GmbH receives the State Prize for Innovation this year for the “ZENzyme” project, a contribution to safe food for animals and humans: an enzyme was developed against the mold toxin zearalenone, which converts the toxin into a harmless metabolic product.

Even in small amounts, molds can have a toxic effect on humans and animals through their metabolites, called mycotoxins. One of them, called zearalenone, is found especially frequently in animal foods such as corn, wheat, and soy; in Europe, almost half of the samples are concerned. Fighting zearalenone also came with some unwanted side effects. DSM Austria GmbH in Getzersdorf, formerly known as BIOMIN, now fights the toxin with a biotechnology-developed enzyme. ZENzyme quickly and permanently converts the toxic metabolite into a non-toxic one. Feeding studies have proven its effectiveness, and now the product can be launched in the market and provide greater food security in nutrition and agriculture.

As part of the State Prize for Innovation, the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ) awards the special ECONOVIUS prize to an SME that stands out for its particularly innovative achievements. WKÖ Vice President Carmen Goby presented this year’s ECONOVIUS to Luxinergy GmbH for the project “Bespoke medical products using 3D printing”. A biocompatible material for 3D printing facilitates the manufacture of orthopedic (maxillofacial) products. Savings for business, convenience for patients.

The VERENA Special Prize (VERBUND E-Novation Award) sponsored by VERBUND is awarded to companies that have implemented innovative projects with universities, universities of applied sciences or non-university research institutes in the fields of electrical and energy systems, energy efficiency/management, renewable energies and electric mobility.

This year’s VERENA Prize was awarded to enlite GmbH in cooperation with Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) with the project “Electricity Grid 4.0 – AI-based control and optimization of the electric grid”. How to intelligently direct electricity to avoid blackouts? In Stromnetz 4.0, developed by a Viennese startup and cooperation partners, this is determined by an AI.