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Aloha Nutrition Blends Great Taste and Good Health at South Allentown Coffee | Regional News from Lehigh Valley


Mikayla Owen from Aloha Nutrition is on a mission to bring healthy and tasty fast food alternatives to South Allentown.

The Owen Café at 2907 W. Emaus Ave. is already serving customers and will be holding a grand opening Friday at 10 a.m. Opening a business in the COVID-19 era took a lot of extra work, she said.

“Everything has been delayed because of the pandemic,” she told the cafe, which is behind vintage clothing store Twice As Nice.

Now everything is in place. Aloha Nutrition sells tea, snacks, drinks, protein donuts and oatmeal, and among the many offerings are “meal replacement shakes”, a quick but healthy option for the person on the go.

“Everything your body needs is in the shake,” Owen said. Replacement meals can be served hot or cold, and some customers like them with oatmeal. She said the coffee can mix just about anything customers want. Offerings for children do not contain caffeine and there are also special concoctions for mothers.

Healthy drinks, like Blue Hawaiian, provide energy without sugar.

“It’s a healthy option for boosting your energy without the sugar that brings you down later,” Owen said.

Owen came up with the cafe’s name in honor of a Hawaii grandmother and because “Aloha” projects positivity.

“My goal was to create a positive and bright environment,” she said. “There’s a lot of negativity in the world right now, and it’s a safe place with some positive vibes and a bright scene.”

His approach to healthy eating is based on his own experience.

“I started my own fitness journey five years ago,” said Owen, a resident of Danielsville. “When I started I was not healthy. I started living a healthy lifestyle and lost about 30 pounds and I feel a lot better.”

Aloha has 15 seats and has already attracted repeat customers.

“It’s a little escape, a place to hang out,” Owen said.

The cafe has special days, such as Teachers’ Tuesday and First Responder Fridays. Prices vary by a few dollars, and if a customer wants a special that’s not on the menu, Owen said Aloha Nutrition can cook almost anything.

“We’re here to bring healthy food to the community, it’s fast food but healthy,” Owen said. “Aloha Nutrition is a quick and healthy option.”

Orders can be called and outside pickup is available. Owen said coffee could add delivery in the future.

Aloha Nutrition is open Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays; close on Sunday. Check the cafe’s social media for updates on schedules, events and menu.