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AFC Bournemouth legend Marc Pugh has taken the @TheFoodieFootballer Instagram page to new heights in recent years, garnering more than 60,000 followers from across the country.

With cooking tutorials, new recipes and family cooking snapshots spicing up the fan stream, the 34-year-old has garnered a lot of interest.

He spoke to last week about how the project started and what he loves most about the kitchen.

Now, he’s told us about his top three recipes and gave us a taste of what could be next for The Foodie Footballer, both short and long term.

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“A cookbook is a long term plan, but I want to help inspire the next generation and I want to go to clubs and inspire or educate people about nutrition,” he said.

“To perform well, no matter what job you do, you need to eat well or you won’t feel your best throughout the day, so eating a healthy balanced diet is really important.

“I am in the process of developing my own website. In the long term, I would like to go to the clubs, talk to the players and see how far it goes.

“I just want to help as many people as possible because I know how crucial my nutrition has been to me throughout my career.”

Before naming his three favorite dishes, Pugh admitted that it’s hard to pinpoint, with plenty of delicious options to choose from.

He went on to explain how you can even add an element of fun in the kitchen, all while brewing a storm at the same time.

“I like a variation and I like trying completely different things,” the winger continued.

“For example, cloud eggs are so much fun and kids love to watch them, they are so fun to watch.

“Sometimes I invent something completely random!

“My favorite meal of the day has to be dinner because I don’t eat big portions throughout the day, but with dinner I go out of my way and eat a fair amount.

“Obviously breakfast is your most important meal of the day because it gets you in shape, but I also like a good dinner.

“When it comes to my favorite dishes, it’s hard to pinpoint because I love a good homemade curry or a bar with crispy skin, so it’s hard not to include some like these! ”

After some thought, Pugh came up with his three favorite dishes to make at home – and we’ve attached a link to the recipes so you can try it yourself!

Asian-inspired salmon

“One of my favorite protein sources is salmon so I find my Asian inspired salmon to be absolutely gorgeous. I like to serve this with Cajun spices and sweet potato wedges, with tender stem broccoli and asparagus.

Click on here for the recipe.

Rib eye steak

“A classic Saturday night meal should be sirloin steak. I love it, but I like to mix it up. If you have a rib eye, a lot of people think it can be quite unhealthy because of the sleazy sides or the dripping fat, but I like toss it around and serve it with a Greek salad. It also goes well with some roasts or oven-roasted fries. You can do it with whatever you really want.

Click on here for the recipe.

Chicken Satay Skewers

“My kids are absolutely obsessed with grilled chicken satay skewers. I really serve them with anything, but they’re tasty and healthy with tender stem broccoli and chili-lemon infused brown rice. It’s just something a little different.

Click on here for the recipe.

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