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30 articles make your site an authority in Google search


Last week I included in my recap a link to a Reddit thread that seems to have garnered some attention. According to Google’s John Mueller, a site with only 30 articles is not enough to be authoritative and fully indexed by Google. Now people are asking if the minimum for being authoritative is to have more than 30 articles on your site.

The Reddit thread said “Less than 50% of new articles are indexed – an authoritative site”. Here is Jean’s response:

I don’t see anything broken in the way Google indexes things yet. However, I see us criticizing what we collect for indexing, as any search engine should.

It’s really hard to call a site authoritative after 30 articles, and especially if you’ve been off publishing for a while I can see how Google could be a little more conservative when it comes to indexing more. Over time as we see your site is more than just “30 posts ok”, and instead something we want to send as many users as possible, then indexing will resume. It’s not something that you can push through technical means though, it’s not the push before indexing that makes your site by far the best of its kind. Making your site “as good / bad as the rest” isn’t convincing – you should really aim much higher, and not just when it comes to the text on your pages, but when it comes to everything on your site, and its integration into the rest of the world / web.

I think other SEO posts picked it up and now people might be misinterpreting what John was saying. There is no specific number, it’s not like if you reach 31 articles, your site is not eligible for authority in Google search. He was just saying that it takes time for a site to gain credibility in the eyes of everyone. It’s not like you write 30 articles and bam, you are now an authority.

Here are a few of those tweets – to be clear, Izzy didn’t think 30 was some sort of magic number. She says in her tweets below that there is a buzz from people in the industry that this could be a magic number. She didn’t believe it and wanted John to clarify what he had done and why I was covering this.

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