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10 Signs You Should See A Doctor For Bladder Problems

September 29, 2021

Bladder problems can disrupt our daily life and as we get older they are more likely to occur.

“As we age, our bladder changes,” says Southern Ocean Medical Center urologist Charles P. Fernicola, MD “The elastic bladder problem becomes less stretchy, so it can’t hold as much urine as it used to. The muscles in the bladder wall and pelvic floor can also weaken, making it difficult to completely empty the bladder and cause urine to leak.

Here are 10 signs you should see a doctor for bladder problems:

  1. Leaking bladder
  2. Frequent need to urinate more than eight times during the day and more than twice at night
  3. Sudden and urgent need to urinate
  4. Pain or burning sensation before, during, or after urination
  5. Cloudy urine
  6. Bloody urine
  7. Frequent passing of small amounts of urine
  8. Strong-smelling urine
  9. Pain during intercourse
  10. Pain or pressure in the lower abdomen

If you have any of these or other bladder issues, help is available. “If you have urinary problems, talk to your doctor or make an appointment with a urologist or urogynecologist,” says the urogynecologist. Kevin Gioia, MD “Whether it’s a bladder infection, kidney infection, or whatever, they can identify the problem and help you find relief.

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