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Primal Pet Food ( Whole Foods Fresh Toppers use functional ingredients targeted at digestive, immune, and joint health. Suitable for cats and dogs, the Power Greens Fresh Topper combines leafy greens like organic kale and parsley for a source of antioxidants. Organic dried mushrooms promote brain health, fight infection and reduce inflammation, while the mattress topper’s pork bone broth provides extra hydration and support for a pet’s liver.

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Freely Pet’s ( Beneficial Broths are 100% human grade pet food. Grain-Free, Limited-Ingredient Diet Bone Broths are made in the USA from simple, wholesome ingredients and include only one source of animal protein. Freely’s turkey-based tranquility mixes are available for dogs and cats, with the bison-based gut health mix and the lamb-based skin and coat mix also available for dogs.


TO GO! SOLUTIONS ( Petcurean Tetra Pak Cartons ( offer homemade recipes designed to meet a pet’s specific dietary needs. Available in a variety of formats, including shredded, pâté, or stewed, each recipe features animal protein, fruits, and vegetables for pet-friendly enjoyment. Tetra Pak cartons are a way to add moisture to a pet’s diet, while boosting protein levels, and its resealable carton makes it easy to store in a fridge or freezer.

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ACAN ( Freeze-dried foods are made with 90% quality animal-derived ingredients and infused with bone broth. The product is rich in animal-based protein and is available in patties or pieces that can be served alone as a fully balanced meal or as a meal garnish. The freeze-dried food is available in four recipes, including free-range chicken and turkey, beef, and duck. All recipes are made in small batches at ACANA’s own facilities.


The Honest Kitchen ( The Pour Over line of slow-cooked stew toppings are made with real, natural ingredients. Pour Overs come in three varieties: Superfood Pour Overs, Pumpkin Pour Overs, and Bone Broth Pour Overs. Each variety has several protein options to choose from, including beef, salmon, duck, lamb, turkey, and chicken. All meal tops from The Honest Kitchen are 100% human grade.

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JAC Animal Nutrition ( has added Trumune Postbiotics to all recipes for JAC Superfood Crumbles, dog and cat food toppings and sauce mixes. Postbiotics contain unique bioactive compounds that work naturally with a pet’s biology to support beneficial bacteria and balance gut microbiomes. Crumbles support healthy digestion, joint function and skin and coat care.


merrick ( Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Bon Appétits are liquid meal enhancers. Bon Appétits sauces are made with chunks of meat in a sauce that adds moisture to a cat’s diet. Bon Appétits Morsels have visible vegetable inclusions such as carrots, peas, potatoes or spinach. The sauces and chunks are both available in four flavors (chicken, salmon, turkey and beef) and can be used as meal toppings.

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Ageless legs’ ( TOPPER+ line of probiotic meal supplements for cats and dogs combines nutritious single-source animal protein with a probiotic to help support digestive and immune health, protein utilization, and healthy skin and coat. Made in Connecticut, TOPPER+ starts with pure wild-caught Alaskan salmon or USA-raised chicken breast that’s freeze-dried raw to preserve nutritional integrity and flavor. Once freeze-dried, each animal protein is ground into a powder and then mixed with the BC30 probiotic.

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BOLO Broth’s first formula, GoodMove, from The dog is good ( is a mobility formula holistically crafted with goat’s milk, beef bone broth, bioactive turmeric and whole superfoods to support mobility, bone and joint health. BOLO Broth is a powdered product that mixes easily to create a broth or gravy mix and can be added to dry or wet foods, or it can even be consumed as a standalone liquid.

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Portland Pet Food Company ( manufactures 100% human grade dog food sourced and 100% manufactured in the USA. Its meal packets are stable, fully cooked and ready to serve with 11 ingredients or less. The two year old pouch meals work as dry food toppings, soft treats and smaller/senior dogs can enjoy them on their own.