Making Better Use of the “Welcome Message” Space

Published on December 4, 2004 at 7:00 PM EST
In the Tutorials category.

After creating a new weblog in Movable Type, you’ll see the welcome screen, pictured at the right. For the longest time I ignored this space, not recognizing how helpful it could be. I’m now using the space in several ways. To edit your welcome message you can just click the “change this message” link, make some changes, and save.

Examples of Usage

Several weblogs make up this site. The main weblog welcome screen is pictured at the right, and obviously heavily modified with three sections: Frequently Updated Entries, our place in the TTLB Ecosystem, and Often-Used HTML.

At the right is the Welcome Message of the Photo Galleries section of this web site. It contains some brief instruction on how to add/create a photo gallery. Sometimes I forget how it works (absolute or relative path?), and this is an easy way for me to track it.

On my Mom’s blog’s Welcome Message, I set up some category icons for her and provided some quick instruction on using them.

None of this is at all complicated. If you’re at all familiar with HTML—and if you’re running Movable Type you almost certainly have a little knowledge—you’ll know how to make a Welcome Message that might provide you with a little easier way of working with your site!