Plugin: Patrick Theme

Patrick is a theme for Melody (and Movable Type), sure, but it’s also more than that. With over 100 Theme Options, infinite color schemes, and “callback” fields, Patrick is a flexible theme framework that makes it easy to create a unique site from this one design.

  • Integration with Pictaculous to create a unique color palette. Within Theme Options > Color Palette, supply an image URL to the Source Image tab of the Pictaculous Palette field. Select an extracted palette then assign palette colors to named locations of the theme, creating a unique look for your blog.
  • Further individualize your site with fonts from the Google Web Fonts directory. In Theme Options > Design you can select a different typeface (the font name), variation (regular, bold, italic, bold italic), and size for the body text and headings.
  • A variety of design options to help individualize your blog: one, two, and three column layouts; control element transparency; Entry and Page meta display position; and home page carousel (with the jQuery Cycle plugin).
  • Facebook and Twitter integration. Facebook Commenting, Like button, and Recommendations social plugins along with Open Graph meta are included. The Twitter retweet button is also included.

Screenshots of Patrick’s Theme Options

to-01-color-palette.png to-02-design.png to-03-blog-header.png to-04-blog-footer.png to-05-home-page-formatting.png to-06-entry-formatting.png to-07-page-formatting.png to-08-index-formatting.png to-09-sidebar-widgets.png to-10-facebook.png to-11-twitter.png to-12-htaccess.png to-13-blog-callbacks.png

Using the Color Palette Theme Option

One of the biggest features of the Patrick theme is being able to select a unique color palette for your blog. Building a color palette is a three step process: specify the URL to an image, choose your preferred palette from the extracted colors, then drag and drop to order the colors in your palette.

color-palette-1-source.png color-palette-2-choose.png color-palette-3-order.png

Examples of the Patrick Theme in Action

You can see Patrick in action on Dan & Sherree & Patrick. Some screenshots of example configurations:

example-1.png example-2.png example-3.png example-4.png example-5.png

Get the Patrick Theme

Download the Patrick theme and learn more about it’s requirements and capabilities on the Github repository.