Plugin: Smilies

Do you like seeing those little smiley emoticons in other people’s blog? Then Smilies is the plugin for you!

This free plugin will add 13 smiley faces (seen below) to your Movable Type edit entry screen. With a click, you can add any of the emoticons to your entry’s body and extended entry fields, as in the screenshot at the left.

biggrin.gif cool.gif huh.gif laughing.gif mad.gif mellow.gif ohmy.gif sad.gif sick.gif sleepy.gif smile.gif tongue.gif wink.gif

Current version: 1.02, released November 28, 2006.

Looking for something more flexible and capable? Try Icon-o-matic.



  • Movable Type version 3.3 or 3.2

Get Smilies

Download and extract. Smilies is a free plugin, but a donation will support continued development. Suggested amount: $5.