Plugin: Monitor Share Statistics

Share includes some simple statistics monitoring features.

Publish Share’s Statistics

Publish lists of your most-shared or most-recently shared entries to create “top 10” widgets. Refer to the SharedEntries template tag to get started.

Privately Monitor Share’s Statistics

On the Edit Entry screen you’ll see a count of how many times that entry has been shared, as well as when it was most recently shared.


A Dashboard Widget is available to display Share metrics. (To add the widget choose “Entries Shared” from the “Select a Widget…” dropdown and click the Add button.) The Dashboard Widget can be added at both the blog and system levels. The Dashboard Widget displays:

  • Share totals: a count of the total number of entries shared, and the total number of times all entries have been shared.
  • Recently Shared: a list of the four most recently shared entries.
  • Most Shared: a list of the four most-shared entries.