Plugin: Install and Configure Share


To use Share, you’ll first need to get the files in place on your server.

  1. Get Share by downloading and extract the archive.
  2. Upload the plugins/ and mt-static/ folders to your Movable Type installation.
  3. In plugins/Share/ find share.cgi and set its permissions to 0755.



Visit the plugin’s Settings and you’ll see that there are a handful of options for you to set:

  • At the System level only, you’ll find a System Override switch. This is useful to force all blogs to use the same settings.
  • The Email Format option will let you choose whether to send email as plain text or HTML. Note that sending either type from Share requires MIME::Lite (included) and sendmail.
  • Customize the Email Subject with Movable Type template tags. Note how the example code uses the ShareSelectedID tag to get into the entry context.

    <mt:SetVarBlock name="id"><mt:ShareSelectedID></mt:SetVarBlock>
    <mt:Entries id="$id"><mt:EntryTitle remove_html="1"></mt:Entries>, on <mt:BlogName remove_html="1">

    Feel free to use additional line breaks to format the subject code for readability — they’re removed at compile time. Also note that HTML is not supported in the subject of email. This feature is included in Share only.

  • Restrict how much text the user can supply in their message with the Message Length field. If a user submits a message that is longer than accepted an error message will be returned to them informing them of this limit. With that in mind, it would be polite for your Share form to notify the user of this limit, and perhaps update them through Javascript if they go over it.

    Leaving this field blank allows a message of unlimited length.

  • Use Junk Filters will run the submitted message and email addresses through Movable Type’s installed junk filters, including TypePad AntiSpam and SpamLookup. As you might imagine, this is great for cutting down on the opportunity for spammers to use this tool!

Once Share is installed and configured you’ll need to set up the required templates.