Plugin: Compare Share and Share Lite

Two versions of this plugin are available: the free Share Lite, and the feature-packed Share. Here’s a look at their differences and similarities to help you decide which is right for you and your site:

Feature Share Lite Share
Include a custom email form on entries. Yes. Yes.
Send email as either plain text or HTML. Yes. Yes.
Customize the email body with Movable Type template tags. Yes. Yes.
Customize the email subject. No. The subject is formatted as:
Recommendation: <mt:EntryTitle>, on <mt:BlogName>
Yes, with Movable Type template tags.
Use Movable Type junk filters to keep spammers at bay. Yes. Yes.
Customize the results templates to match your site’s design. Yes. Yes.
Statistics recording and display. No. Yes. Displays email share count on Edit Entry screen, and a dashboard widget to display top entries. Also publish share count and most-recent share date with the Share template tags.
Price Free $100