Plugin: Share


Share takes the simple “email to a friend” idea and lets you completely customize every aspect.

  • Include a share form on entries with from, to and message fields
  • Use Movable Type template tags to craft your email body and subject however you like
  • Send email as plain text or HTML
  • Use Movable Type’s junk filters to keep spammers out
  • A results template lets you provide feedback to the user and match your site’s design
  • Watch the number of email shares with a dashboard widget and on the Edit Entry screen, and publish email shares statistics with tempalte tags

Curious? Try it!

Current versions: Share 1.2, released May 29, 2009
Share Lite 1.0, released January 24, 2009.


Looking for support? Use the Helpdesk.


  • Movable Type 4.x.
  • sendmail (likely how Movable Type is already set up to send email)
  • MIME::Lite Perl module (included in the Share distribution

Get Share

Share Lite

Share Lite is a free plugin! Download


Share includes a number of exciting and useful features not found in the free Share Lite. Purchase a copy of Share for only $100. After purchasing, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to download the plugin.

Please download and try the free Share Lite before purchasing to see if the plugin’s basic functionality meets your needs.

Purchasing a license for Share entitles you to free upgrades up to the next major release. In other words, purchasing a license today entitles you to upgrades until version 2.0 is released.