Remove Objects


The Remove Objects plugin provides a way for administrators to easily delete objects in Movable Type.

“But I can just click the Delete button on the Edit Entry screen.” True, but there are many other types of objects you may want to delete and some of them don’t have a Delete button. Plus, if you’ve got a bunch to delete, going one at a time can be a pain.

“But I can just go to the database and delete the row.” You can, but you shouldn’t. Movable Type is a relational database, so often stores some pieces in one table and some pieces in another table. Directly editing the database is a great way to fragment your install. This plugin uses the object’s remove method to correctly delete objects.

“But Movable Type comes with the simple tools/remove-object script.” Yes! This plugin is most like that script, but better in two ways: this plugin will allow you to delete multiple objects at one time, and this plugin will log the deletion to the Activity Log for a “paper trail.” Additionally, you don’t need to figure out the object class to use this plugin; just choose it from the list of available object types.

You’ll need System Administrator privileges to use this plugin. Also, and I can not overstate this enough, you can completely destory your installation with this plugin by deleting different objects. Be sure you know what you want to delete before charging in!


  • Movable Type 4.x
  • Movable Type 5.x
  • Movable Type 6.x


To install this plugin follow the instructions found here.


Only System Administrators can use this plugin. At the System Overview level, go to Tools > Remove Objects. Choose the object type and specify the object IDs to be deleted. Click Delete.

Get the Plugin

This plugin is available from Dan’s Github account, on the releases page.