Poll Position: Use

Poll Position easily makes polls and quizzes a part of your site by bringing them into your Movable Type installation — and with that in mind, if you’re familiar with MT, you’ll quickly understand how to create and edit polls and quizzes for your site.

Of course, the following tutorial presumes you have completed the installation and configuration of Poll Position.

Create a New Poll


In the Polls & Quizzes menu choose New Poll. (MT4 users: go to the Create menu and choose Poll.) The resulting screen and its options should be pretty clear, but descriptions follow with a little more information:

Name your poll with a Poll Title. Enter your poll question in the Question field. Use any HTML here to format your question as necessary.

You’ll need to provide some response choices for your poll. Enter an option in the “New choice” field; click “Add another choice” to add more. Use the “Add another choice” link to add as many response choices as your poll needs — there’s no limit! These values will be used for labels on the radio buttons of your poll’s form.

In the sidebar you’ll see the Status dropdown with the options “voting open,” “voting closed,” and “unpublished.” Explanation:

  • Voting open: normal status for a poll, allows visitors to vote and see results.
  • Voting closed: voting is closed to visitors, however results may still be viewed by them.
  • Unpublished: just as with a Page or Entry in Movable Type, the unpublished status means the poll does not appear on the published site — which obviously also means that voting is not open and results can not be seen.

Lastly, save your poll. If you’ve selected a template to be republished in the plugin Settings, then your poll is published — which means updating the poll displayed on your site with Poll Position is as easy as updating an Entry!

Create a New Quiz

Creating a new quiz is just the same as creating a poll. In fact, most of the same fields are used! In the Polls & Quizzes menu choose New Quiz (MT4 users: select Create > Quiz).

One option that is different: below each choice is the option to mark which option is the correct one. One option needs to be the correct choice in a quiz.

Edit an Existing Poll or Quiz

Editing an existing poll or quiz is done using the now-familiar interface, with a few additional options.

  • To the right of each Choice field is a Responses count. You may notice this label is clickable — click it and you’ve be warned aobut how adjusting the Response count can to confusing results. This field provides a way to “stuff” the ballot box, allowing you to skew or correct poll or quiz results.

  • In the message received when clicking the Responses count, it’s suggested to work through the Response Detail screen. In the Sidebar’s Useful Links section this link is found. The Response Detail screen shows the details of each response: the selected choice, IP address, author (if available), and date recorded.

Manage Polls


In the Polls & Quizzes menu choose Manage (MT4 users: choose Manage > Polls or Manage > Quizzes). The Manage Polls screen lists all of the polls and quizzes in the current blog or website (and lets you sort and filter them), and allows you to delete or edit them.