Poll Position: Install

To use Poll Position, you’ll first need to get the files in place on your server.

  1. Purchase Poll Position.
  2. Upload the plugins/PollPosition/ folder to your Movable Type installation. If you’re using Config Assistant, when logging in you’ll be prompted to run the upgrade which will copy the static content. Otherwise, copy the static content at plugins/PollPosition/static/ to your Movable Type installation at mt-static/support/plugins/pollposition/.
  3. In plugins/PollPosition/ find vote.cgi and be sure its permissions are set to 0755.

Poll Position makes use of the StaticFilePath configuration directive. You may have entered this directive when installing Movable Type 4/5, though older installations will almost definitely not have it set. This can be added or editted in mt-config.cgi; just take a moment to set/verify it.


Upgrading Poll Position is easy: just follow the Installation steps. Note, however, that there is additonal work required to complete an upgrade. Template changes need to be made, and in particular, after submitting a response Poll Position will now send a response in JSON format. Refer to the Add Required Templates section for more information.