Plugin: More Custom Fields


The Custom Fields found in Movable Type Pro are a boon to creating a flexible and robust site. When the standard field types don’t quite meet your needs however, get More Custom Fields!

  • Checkbox Group: easily create a group of checkboxes
  • Message: administrators can edit the contents of the Message field text area, but any other use can only read the contents. Useful for displaying instructions or other data you don’t want the user to edit.
  • Multi-Use Single-Line Text Group: don’t let the crazy name scare you — this field type allows you to create a reusable group of fields, perfect for including a list of your favorite bookmarks, for example.
  • Multi-Use Time Stamped Multi-Line Text: another mouthful of a field name, but easy to use. This field type provides a reusable Multi-Line text field. When saved, each Multi-Line text field has a time stamp saved with it.
  • Radio Buttons with Input: build a group of radio buttons, where the last option is a text input field.
  • Reciprocal Entry Association: used to link two entries together. When editing Entry A and linking Entry B, an association from Entry B back to Entry A is automatically created. When deleting an association, the reciprocal is also removed. The best part: on the Edit Entry screen is a link to edit the reciprocal Entry, allowing authors to easily jump between Entries.
  • Reciprocal Page Association: just like Reciprocal Entry Association, but for Pages.
  • Selected Entries: select other entries from a pop-up dialog, to easily create a related entries list or string multi-part articles together. The number of entries selected is unlimited, entries can be sorted by drag and drop, and Edit/View links are available for the linked entries.
  • Selected Pages: works just like Selected Entries, but for Pages!
  • Selected Entries Or Pages: works just like Selected Entries, but allows you to select a combination of Entries and Pages.
  • Selected Assets: as you may guess, this field also works like Selected Entries: select assets from a popup dialog. Note that each asset type is registered as a separate custom field, so in addition to the generic “Selected Assets” custom field, “Selected Images,” “Selected Audios,” “Selected Videos,” and “Selected Files” are also available to filter the types of asset you want the field to work with.


  • Movable Type Pro 4.2 or greater.
  • Movable Type Pro 5.1 or greater.


Looking for support? Use the Helpdesk.

Get More Custom Fields

More Custom Fields is a free plugin. Download from Dan’s Github account.