Plugin: Icon-o-matic

Icon-o-matic is a plugin for Movable Type that allows you to easily insert any image into an entry , and any commenter to insert an image into their comment . To restate: Icon-o-matic allows you to easily re-use any image with one click! Some of the features you’ll find in Icon-o-matic are:

  • A single click lets you add an icon to your entry, or lets your commenter add an icon to their comment.
  • Authors and commenters can use different sets of icons.
  • Add or remove available icons by simply uploading to (or deleting from) your web server. Organize by creating subdirectories.
  • Change the position of the icon selection bar to accomodate many and/or large icons.
  • Specify an HTML “wrapper” to help keep formatting consistent.

Yes, the icons on this page were entered with Icon-o-matic!

Current version: 2.09, released 01/31/07.


System Requirements

  • Movable Type version 3.3 or 3.2. The newest features require MT 3.3 or later; see the Plugin Version Notes for details.
  • File::Find Perl module (part of any standard Perl installation)

Get Icon-o-matic

Purchase a copy of Icon-o-matic for only $10. After purchasing, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to download the Icon-o-matic plugin.