Plugin: Hot Date Documentation


  1. Download Hot Date from Github. (Note that if you are upgrading from Hot Date 1.x to version 2.x, you should remove the 1.x files first.)
  2. Upload the HotDate folder (in the distribution’s plugins/ folder) to the plugins/ folder in your Movable Type installation.
  3. If you have the Config Assistant plugin installed, it will automatically copy the static content to the proper destination. However, if you don’t want to use that plugin, you will need to manually copy those static files in place. Copy from the distribution’s plugins/HotDate/static/ to your Movable Type installation at mt-static/support/plugins/hotdate/.

You should now see Hot Date listed in the System Overview Plugins screen of your MT installation.


There are only two configuration options, which can be set at either the blog or system level.

  • Seconds Matter is disabled by default, which has the effect of hiding the seconds field on the Edit Entry screen. (Does the second you publish your entry really matter?) Enable this option to show the seconds field.
  • Every Minute Counts is enabled by default, which has the effect of showing every minute on the Edit Entry screen. Disable this option to count minutes in 5-minute increments. (Does it really matter if you publish at 10:13 or 10:15?)


Using Hot Date should be pretty intuitive:

  • Select the hour, am or pm, minute, and (optionally) second at which you want to publish your entry.
  • Click the green refresh icon to update each field to the current date and time.

Known Issues

  • The time refresh button will update the time based on your computer’s current time zone — which may not be the same as your Movable Type installation’s time zone. In that scenario, the refreshed time might not be what you want.

MT3-specific issues:

  • If you’re using the RightFields or CustomFields plugins, depending upon your configuration Hot Date may not appear on the Edit Entry screen.
  • When using (clicking) the calendar function with Internet Explorer, the Edit Entry screen jumps to the top.