Plugin: Action Stream: Delicious Tag


Action Stream: Delicious Tag is a simple plugin that works with your Action Stream to display selected tags from Delicious.

Current Version: 1.0, released on June 16, 2009.


Installation: Download the archive and extract. Upload the contents of the archive’s plugins/ folder into your MT installation’s plugins/ folder. Upload the contents of the archive’s mt-static/ folder to your installation’s mt-static/ folder.

Use: Just add the Delicious Tag profile to your Action Stream (as in the screenshot above). You’ll need to supply a Delicious tag name. Delicious tags are all one word, which you can simply enter here. If you want to display a tag intersection, use the “+” notation used on Delicious: for example, “foo+bar.” Multiple Delcious Tag profiles can be added to your stream.

Some CSS will give you the little Delicious icon in your published feed; you’ll need to load this at the end of (or after) action-streams.css:

.service-DeliciousTag { background-image: url(<mt:BlogURL>mt-static/plugins/ASDeliciousTag/images/delicious.png); }


  • Movable Type 4.1 or greater
  • Action Streams

Get Action Stream: Delicious Tag

Download Action Stream: Delicious Tag is a free plugin, but donation support further development of this and other plugins.