Plugin: Action Stream: Amazon


Action Stream: Amazon is a simple plugin that works with your Action Stream to display an Amazon Wishlist. Will people buy me stuff from it? I doubt it. Maybe you’ll have better luck, though!

Current Version: 1.0.2, released on August 20, 2008.


Installation: Download the archive and extract. Upload the contents of the archive’s plugins/ folder into your MT installation’s plugins/ folder. Upload the contents of the archive’s mt-static/ folder to your installation’s mt-static/ folder.

Use: Just add the Amazon profile to your Action Stream (as in the screenshot above). You’ll need to supply a “username.” The username is the jumble of numbers and letters at the end of the public URL to your Wishlist (the part after

Some CSS will give you the little Amazon icon in your published feed; you’ll need to load this at the end of (or after) action-streams.css:

.service-Amazon { background-image: url(<mt:BlogURL>mt-static/plugins/ASAmazon/images/amazon.png); }


  • Movable Type 4.1 or greater
  • Action Streams

Get Action Stream: Amazon

Download Action Stream: Amazon is a free plugin, but donation support further development of this and other plugins.