You don’t know what KRD BIG SA is? Are you wondering if it is possible to check your own person in the National Debt Register BIG SA? Want to know how to check your debtor? We have some tips for you!

 what is it?

Let’s start with explaining the term KRD BIG SA. It is an abbreviation of the National Debt Register Economic Information Bureau. KRD BIG SA, as the name suggests, is an economic information office, and therefore collects information that comes from various entities, including municipalities or banks.It is interested in data regarding debts.

One can venture to say that in a limited sense, KRD BIG SA is a list, a database of debtors in Poland, but it is worth remembering that the database also has positive information. What else is worth knowing? At KRD BIG SA, news is available not only about enterprises, but also about ordinary consumers.

From what amount can information on our debt appear?

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The consumer must owe at least PLN 200, while the entrepreneur min. PLN 500 The amount is therefore relatively small, so you should carefully watch your obligations. The list of debtors is probably not the place we would like to come across, right?


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How to check yourself?

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Are you wondering: Do I appear in KRD BIG SA? Do you suspect that your debt went to KRD BIG SA? Do you want to know how to check yourself KRD BIG SA? It is very easy!  The National Debt Register BIG SA offers the service: Check your PESEL.

Why can the list of debtors in the National Debt Register BIG SA be helpful? KRD BIG SA is able to provide us with information on possible colleagues, companies whose services we want to use, etc.