Smilies 2.0 Plugin Renaming Contest

Published on December 4, 2005 at 9:40 AM EST
In the Discussions category.

Let’s rename a new and popular dish!

2005/12/25 Update: Icon-o-matic is now available!

Much to my surprise, there’s another plugin named “Smilies.” It was released on the same day as my version (or close to it.)

So I need a new name for my plugin. Besides, “Smilies” is a poor name for what all it does now! Want a tease? Have a look at some of these screenshots!

6.gif 3.gif 1.gif 2.gif 5.gif 4.gif

The screenshots give a lot away!

  • Use any smiley, emoticon, or picture in the smiley bar. It’s as easy as uploading the image to your webserver—and you’re done!
  • Do you want to use a lot of icons and have a larger screen? Move the icon bar to the right of your entry and extended entry. A scroll bar appears if necessary.
  • Let your commenters add smilies (or any other icon!) to their comment.

Obviously, this plugin does a lot more than the Smilies plugin did. What do you think would be a good name for it? The winner will have a free meal at the EDSMT Bistro and a free copy of the plugin to be named 2.0!