I Want to Write a Plugin (or Two or Three)

Published on August 27, 2005 at 1:39 PM EST
In the Discussions category.

I really need to learn Perl. I can look at some code and stumble through it to figure out what’s happening, and I can hack it with minor changes—but I really don’t know what I’m doing. And once I learn Perl I can learn to write some MT plugins.

I’ve had ideas for a few plugins floating around in my head:

  • A plugin to change the file upload behavior. I’ve hacked the file upload template and CMS.pm to add a Photo Gallery option that formats the URI as I need it and insert it into a new entry; I think this could be made into a plugin with BigPAPI. Done: Better File Uploader.
  • A file management plugin. It doesn’t need to be terribly complex—just have the ability to change directories, list what’s in the current directory, and delete, rename, and upload files. (Of course, I’m sure I’ll find a need for many more options eventually!)
  • Again using BigPAPI, a plugin to handle the changes I made to edit_entry.tmpl. In addition to just those changes, though, I could offer the option of the textareas with either the QuickTags implementation or a WYSIWYG editor. Also, offering the ability to set a default category for new entries. (Parts of which have already been done—Ajaxify and UpdateAuthoredOn.)
  • An “Author Profile” plugin—which I’m too late on. ProfileIt looks promising.

Other ideas have popped into my head occasionally, too. I’d like to think I have some ideas that other MT users might also like, too, so I guess it’s time to start reading Learning Perl.