How Long Does It Take You To Write An Entry?

Published on September 25, 2005 at 4:40 PM EST
In the Discussions category.

Are you the last one to leave the dinner table each evening?

I’m really curious—how long does it take you to write an entry to post on your site? I know this varies quite a bit based on the content of a site. I’m sure that if a site is about daily life (with several posts per day) it takes only minutes to write a new post; if a site is full of tutorials or how-to instruction it takes quite a bit longer to write a new post.

I probably spend at least 15 minutes on any entry. Brief movie and TV reviews, for example, don’t take much typing time but once I add in proofreading, rewriting a sentence or two for clarity, and add some keywords and a category or two it all adds up. For a long entry, like Organizing Photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements, I will spend time over several days writing, editing and adding screenshots. All told, I probably spend 3-5 hours on longer entries like that! I’m a slow writer, I know.

And then we get into the photography, such as I’m doing now for another entry (Guyot Designs Gription Mark II Review). I’m probably going to spend a good hour setting up my home studio—adjusting lighting, modifying the background and getting everything just how I want—before I even take the photos, which might add another 30 minutes. Depending upon how many photos an entry has (and whether or not I set up the “studio” for them), that means even a short 15 minute entry can easily grow to two hours or more of my time to create it.

How long does it take you to write an entry? Is there one aspect you spend the most time on? Have you found any shortcuts to help a new post come together quicker?

Post-save addition: from start to finish, this entry took me 18 minutes to publish.