Goodbye ShortStat, Hello SlimStat!

Published on August 25, 2005 at 9:03 PM EST
In the Discussions category.

I’ve only been using ShortStat for a few weeks and I’ve come to really like it. It’s a very simple but useful statistics package. I even came up with a few hacks for it, as well as instituting most of Nomadig’s. But gee, it’s been getting slow—I’ve so far received over 25,000 hits, and everytime I loaded ShortStat it took longer. I was searching on Google to see if anybody had made speed improvements.

Then, last night, I stumbled across SlimStat. SlimStat is based on ShortStat, but improves on it quite a bit by offering some useful viewing options, incorporating some new features and—perhaps most importantly—cleaning up the database schema a little to make it pretty quick. The way you can click on any result and cross-reference it with anything else is really slick! And, unlike ShortStat, SlimStat is being actively developed so new features and fixes might pop up.

I’m still excited about Mint, though.