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A new plugin: Remove Objects

I had a reason to dust off an old plugin I’ve had laying around and clean it up for use and release: Remove Objects. This plugin provides an easy way to do maintenance (or damage!) to your Movable Type installation....

Upgrading Plugins with Support for Movable Type 4 and 5

A lot of plugins were developed for Movable Type 4. Some of those plugins work with MT5 (such as plugins that add modifiers), however many are incompatible. Upgrading plugins to add support for MT5 is not the most straight-forward thing,...

Hot Date Updated for MT5

I made an update to the Hot Date plugin yesterday, adding support for Movable Type 5 (in addition to MT4 support). Not familiar with Hot Date? This plugin will update the Publish Date field to provide drop-down select options to...

Default Category Plugin

Buried in my Github account was quietly hiding a plugin. It’s called Default Category, and it’s something I wrote quickly a few years ago and somehow just never got around to announcing. No more, this is the announcement! Default Category...

More Custom Fields for MT5

Those who have followed my Github account may have noticed that the More Custom Fields plugin saw many commits in 2012, including updates to make the fields compatible with Movable Type 5.1+ (in addition to maintaining compatibility with MT4). Most...

Wordometer 2.0.3

Compatible with Melody!

Hot Date 2.0

Compatible with Melody!

More Custom Fields updated with a new field type!

A mouthful of an update is a tasty addition!

Theme Manager for Movable Type and Melody!

Something exciting to play with!

More Custom Fields Update

OMG, a free meal!

Selected Entries, a new field type for More Custom Fields

A tasty side dish gets even better!

Add Delicious Tag Results to your Action Stream

Fill your plate with a little more variety!

Share 1.2 lets you publish share statistics

Let everybody know what the most popular dish is at your cafe!

Hot Date 1.1.2 Fixes Compatibility with MT 4.25

You know you want it.

Minor updates to Poll Position and Poll Position: Champion

We've made a few changes to the herb and spice mix quantities of these popular dishes.

Here they are: More Custom Fields!

A little extra flexibility can go a long way.

A new plugin: Share (and Share Lite)

Get more guests to visit your cafe!

Poll Position and jQuery, Together

Use jQuery with Poll Position (instead of the default YUI library).

A new plugin: Mouthwash

Keeping civil in our cafe.

Poll Position and Poll Position: Champion 1.0.1

Today I'm releasing a minor bug fix for both Poll Position and Poll Position: Champion, bringing them both up to version 1.0.1. This fixes a little problem where a poll couldn't be deleted with the "Delete" list action on the...