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How Do You Use Better File Uploader?

Tell us more about your favorite entree.

Better File Uploader Feature Requests?

Customers: please help us update our most popular entree.

Better File Uploader 1.06

This delectable treat has repaired a small bug in the Better File Uploader plugin, specifically with the For Photo Gallery button.

Basic Photoblog (Gallery) Templates

A spaghetti noodle sauced with detailed templates to build your own photo gallery in Movable Type.

Better File Uploader 1.05

A scrumptious update to the popular Better File Uploader plugin allows for 1-click selection of HTML.

Better File Uploader 1.04

The Better File Uploader plugin, now served with properly-working local or archive upload options, comes sizzling hot in a cast-iron fry pan.

I Want to Write a Plugin (or Two or Three)

I really need to learn Perl. I can look at some code and stumble through it to figure out what's happening, and I can hack it with minor changes--but I really don't know what I'm doing. And once I learn...

Fixing Pop-up File Uploads in 3.16

In Movable Type 3.16, using the Upload File feature to create a pop-up doesn't work quite right. If specifying a directory to upload to (such as a dynamic upload directory), the "/" character get converted to its HTML entity--"%2f." Obviously,...

Making A Dynamic Upload Directory

If you use the Upload File feature in Movable Type, you've no doubt got a folder full of uploaded files. If you use the default "Local Archive Path" or "Local Site Path" destination, you've got a folder full of...