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Adding a Facebook "Like" button to your site

Find out who "likes" your site!

Selectively Formatting an Entry

Why not try this treat in your restaurant?

The Style Contest, Trail Mix, and Image Replacement

Featuring the Duct Tape Title Generator©. Enough said.

Easy Surveys and Polls with a Movable Type Weblog

A tasty dessert filled with chocolate, caramel, and PHP-goodness, smothered in fresh HTML and CSS

Combining lastn and days in <MTEntries>

An exquisite, new combination of two different treats.

Basic Photoblog (Gallery) Templates

A spaghetti noodle sauced with detailed templates to build your own photo gallery in Movable Type.

Monitoring Site Statistics

This dish offers a buffet-line look at different statistics monitoring packages. Please take a clean plate at every visit to the buffet.

Useful, Easy to Read Titles

A clear title let's the search engines find your site. Served with baked or mashed potato.

Comment Authors Don't Deserve to be Redirected

One of the coolest things I've read in Hacking Movable Type has also been the simplest: how to not redirect a comment author link. Do you ever move your mouse over a comment author's name to see their website address...

Star Icons for RateIt Plugin

If you're using the RateIt plugin from Movable Circus, you might want to add some visuals to the voting process. I created some star icons to use on danandsherree.com, then decided to create a few more color variations to share....

Updated Alternate Template Collection

I've updated the Alternate Template Collection with Movable Type version 3.2 compatibility. To summarize, edit_entry.tmpl and preview_entry.tmpl have been updated. upload.tmpl and upload_complete.tmpl work with 3.2 as-is. list_blog.tmpl is no longer needed because 3.2 incorporates the change I made. Complete...

Hacking ShortStat

Earlier this week I installed ShortStat, a great little statistics tool from Shaun Inman. Its results are rather minimalist, but key information gets reported. ShortStat is easily integrated with Movable Type (and just about everything else, too). I've detailed...

Specifying a Default Primary Category

While the below method works fine, a simpler and more robust approach exists in the free Default Category plugin I wrote.

Updated edit_entry.tmpl Template

I've updated the edit_entry.tmpl file in the Alternate Template Collection with a new feature: a "Now" button. Clicking the Now button will update the Authored On field to the current date and time! Download the edit_entry.tmpl alternate template or...

Cookie Publishing: What's New Since Your Last Visit

The idea is pretty simple: returning visitors get to see only new content, not the old stuff. After all, if they're returning, that's probably what they want. Using a cookie, I can track when you've last visited the front page....

Alternate Template Collection

Movable Type has a nifty feature called "alternate templates" which allows you to substitute the default MT interface with a customized one. These aren't "individual archive" or "category archive" template replacements, these are replacements for the actual entry-editing interface. I've...

Dynamic Site Design: Displaying Thumbnails with a Random Background

While we often talk about "dynamic" sites and site designs, let's face it, they're all rather static: the same basic templates are used with different content. "Fluid" designs allow for some variation, but most use the same computer to view...

Displaying a "No Comment/Trackback Received Yet" Message

One of the changes I made with Scrapbook, the new site design, is to add a little "no comments yet" or "no TrackBacks yet" message to the entries that haven't received any. Using a little PHP, it's easy to do....

A Better Upload File Template

The Better Upload File Template has been superceded by the Better File Uploader plugin. As any regular reader of danandsherree.com likely knows, Sherree and I use the Upload File tool in Movable Type to put a lot of photos...

Fixing Pop-up File Uploads in 3.16

In Movable Type 3.16, using the Upload File feature to create a pop-up doesn't work quite right. If specifying a directory to upload to (such as a dynamic upload directory), the "/" character get converted to its HTML entity--"%2f." Obviously,...