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Easy Surveys and Polls with a Movable Type Weblog

A tasty dessert filled with chocolate, caramel, and PHP-goodness, smothered in fresh HTML and CSS

Combining lastn and days in <MTEntries>

An exquisite, new combination of two different treats.

Using HTML Tags as "Glue"

In creating templates for your Movable Type installation, you'll find that the <MTEntryCategories>, <MTCategories>, and <MTParentCategories> container tags have a "glue" attribute. The glue attribute is used to separate items with a string. For example, joining category/subcategory names together with...

Using Google AdSense Channels to track Clicks in Movable Type Categories

If you're part of Google's AdSense program you can set up Channels to help track where Clicks are coming from on your web site. The obvious (and easy) thing to do is assign a different Channel to your front page...

PHP Include'd Inline Comments For Movable Type

A few months back I implemented Inline Trackbacks using PHP as outlined in Learning Movable Type. The benefit is that Trackbacks become dynamic, not requiring a rebuild to be publicly visible--in other words, less work for me! With that idea...