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Plugin Ideas

Banter about some new recipes

Icon-o-matic 2.09

Some fresh herbs help an old favorite stand out.

Icon-o-matic 2.08

Who doesn't want a larger portion?

MT 3.3 and BigPAPI Plugins

As the restaurant decor is updated, some menu selections will be unavailable.

Icon-o-matic 2.06

More pepperoni per square inch!

Icon-o-matic 2.05

A divided plate makes this tasty dish even more enjoyable!

Icon-o-matic 2.04

A minor update to this popular dish.

Icon-o-matic 2.02

Icon-o-matic 2.02 is a minor but important update containing two fixes: Icon-o-matic will work better/with more installations by attaching the palette at a different spot on the page. Basically, if the palette doesn't appear on your Edit Entry screen, this...

EDSMT Forums

Construction has completed on this addition to the EDSMT Cafe. Please wait to be seated.

Smilies 2.0 Plugin Renaming Contest

Let's rename a new and popular dish!