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Theme Manager for Movable Type and Melody!

Something exciting to play with!

Hackathon Interviews: Jesse and Chad

Sort of like the poetry readings at coffee houses, we have interviews at the EDSMT cafe.

Hackathon and Executive Summit Adventures

A restaurateur convention. We even got a free lunch!

Going to the NYC Event!

The force is strong with MT! ("The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of Movable Type")

What Plugins Do You Use?

The chefs let you into their kitchen to reveal what's in their spice rack!

Teaser: Better File Uploader 2.0

Get a sneak-peek of the cafe's most popular entree!

How Do You Use Better File Uploader?

Tell us more about your favorite entree.

Better File Uploader Feature Requests?

Customers: please help us update our most popular entree.

A Look at Movable Type 3.31

The franchise owners--Six Apart--are making some changes around the restaurant.

MT 3.3 and BigPAPI Plugins

As the restaurant decor is updated, some menu selections will be unavailable.

Understanding Site Statistics: Assorted Details

Some people want a pasta salad, some caesar, and others want a house salad with bleu cheese dressing. Learn to give the people what they want!

Understanding Site Statistics: Tracking Visitors

Some people want a pastry, some want waffles, and others want a big breakfast complete with hash browns. Learn to give the people what they want!

Understanding Site Statistics: Searches

Some people want a steak, some chicken, and others want a tofu burger. Learn to give the people what they want!

Understanding Site Statistics: Page Views and Visitors

Some people want a sandwich, some want soup, and others want a lasagna. Learn to give the people what they want!

Add a FavIcon

A tasty little appetizer makes any meal more enjoyable!

More Typography on the Web Information

How the type looks is just as important as what you say. Just like having good food is as important as an inviting storefront.

Smilies 2.0 Plugin Renaming Contest

Let's rename a new and popular dish!

What Are Your "Essential" Plugins?

A new mixed drink, featuring three of your favorites. An alcohol-free version is available for minors.

Can You Identify the Taglines?

Would you like a little entertainment while you're dining?

How Long Does It Take You To Write An Entry?

Are you the last one to leave the dinner table each evening?