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The Style Contest, Trail Mix, and Image Replacement

Featuring the Duct Tape Title Generator©. Enough said.

More Typography on the Web Information

How the type looks is just as important as what you say. Just like having good food is as important as an inviting storefront.

Smilies 2.0 Plugin Renaming Contest

Let's rename a new and popular dish!

Combining lastn and days in <MTEntries>

An exquisite, new combination of two different treats.

Basic Photoblog (Gallery) Templates

A spaghetti noodle sauced with detailed templates to build your own photo gallery in Movable Type.

Useful, Easy to Read Titles

A clear title let's the search engines find your site. Served with baked or mashed potato.

Star Icons for RateIt Plugin

If you're using the RateIt plugin from Movable Circus, you might want to add some visuals to the voting process. I created some star icons to use on danandsherree.com, then decided to create a few more color variations to share....

Dynamic Site Design: Displaying Thumbnails with a Random Background

While we often talk about "dynamic" sites and site designs, let's face it, they're all rather static: the same basic templates are used with different content. "Fluid" designs allow for some variation, but most use the same computer to view...

Typography, Readability, and the Web

I'm often confused by type choices web designers make. In my opinion, readability needs to be of utmost concern, not the look of the site. After all, how many sites do you visit that you don't intend to read? Readability...