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Better File Uploader 2.3 adds support for Movable Type 4.3's Entry Asset Manager

A valuable update to our most popular entree!

Plugin Ideas

Banter about some new recipes

Better File Uploader 2.2.1 for Movable Type 4.1 Compatibility

Our dishwasher has been scrubbing to remove spots from the dishes.

Better File Uploader 2.2 for Movable Type 4!

Better File Uploader is like a buffet of good eats: filled with things you love, and some great details you didn't know you'd love!

Better File Uploader 2.1

Some exciting changes to our most-loved entree!

Better File Uploader 2.01

Mmmm... lasagna!

It's Here: Better File Uploader 2.0!

Ta-da! It's here! Bon apetit!

Teaser: Better File Uploader 2.0

Get a sneak-peek of the cafe's most popular entree!

How Do You Use Better File Uploader?

Tell us more about your favorite entree.

Better File Uploader Feature Requests?

Customers: please help us update our most popular entree.

MT 3.3 and BigPAPI Plugins

As the restaurant decor is updated, some menu selections will be unavailable.

Better File Uploader 1.08

A classic, updated by our head chef!

EDSMT Forums

Construction has completed on this addition to the EDSMT Cafe. Please wait to be seated.

What Are Your "Essential" Plugins?

A new mixed drink, featuring three of your favorites. An alcohol-free version is available for minors.

Better File Uploader 1.07 and Better Entry Preview 1.02

A slight change to a longtime favorite.

Better File Uploader 1.06

This delectable treat has repaired a small bug in the Better File Uploader plugin, specifically with the For Photo Gallery button.

Basic Photoblog (Gallery) Templates

A spaghetti noodle sauced with detailed templates to build your own photo gallery in Movable Type.

Better File Uploader 1.05

A scrumptious update to the popular Better File Uploader plugin allows for 1-click selection of HTML.

Better File Uploader 1.04

The Better File Uploader plugin, now served with properly-working local or archive upload options, comes sizzling hot in a cast-iron fry pan.

Better File Uploader 1.03

Thanks to some great feedback, the Better File Uploader plugin has a few new features: Per-weblog settings. Default option: local archive path or local site path. Thumbnail size: longest side or fixed option....