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A Look at Movable Type 3.31

The franchise owners--Six Apart--are making some changes around the restaurant.

Updated edit_entry.tmpl Template

A minor update to a popular recipe.

Plugin or Alternate Template?

The BigPAPI plugin offers a lot of opportunity to do some exceptional customization to the Movable Type interface. In fact, it can do everything an alternate template can do--and much more! So the question: would you rather deal with an...

Updated Alternate Template Collection

I've updated the Alternate Template Collection with Movable Type version 3.2 compatibility. To summarize, edit_entry.tmpl and preview_entry.tmpl have been updated. upload.tmpl and upload_complete.tmpl work with 3.2 as-is. list_blog.tmpl is no longer needed because 3.2 incorporates the change I made. Complete...

Specifying a Default Primary Category

While the below method works fine, a simpler and more robust approach exists in the free Default Category plugin I wrote.

Updated edit_entry.tmpl Template

I've updated the edit_entry.tmpl file in the Alternate Template Collection with a new feature: a "Now" button. Clicking the Now button will update the Authored On field to the current date and time! Download the edit_entry.tmpl alternate template or...

Alternate Template Collection

Movable Type has a nifty feature called "alternate templates" which allows you to substitute the default MT interface with a customized one. These aren't "individual archive" or "category archive" template replacements, these are replacements for the actual entry-editing interface. I've...

A Better Upload File Template

The Better Upload File Template has been superceded by the Better File Uploader plugin. As any regular reader of danandsherree.com likely knows, Sherree and I use the Upload File tool in Movable Type to put a lot of photos...