Easter modestly or on credit?

Just like before every Christmas, there are voices in the media, on the Internet, urging you not to overdo the expenses and, above all, not to get into debt, an old Polish proverb says “put yourself and pledge”. It is deeply rooted in the minds of millions of Poles. So that Christmas is rich, they […]

KRD charged almost 500 million debts to courts

In the last two years, the debt resulting from unpaid fines and the costs of court proceedings increased from USD 210 million to almost half a billion. Pessimistic data has recently been published by the National Debt Register. What is the main reason for the diametrical increase in debt in such a short period of […]


According to data from the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), in the second quarter of 2019 Poles had over USD 76 billion in outstanding liabilities belonging to 2.2 million debtors. As it turns out, entering on the list of debtors, problems with debt collection companies and seizure of property by a bailiff are not all problems […]

28000 Dollar credit – cash to pay debts

Anyone who wants to make a purchase or pay off his debt, can take a $ 28000 loan . This loan is awarded by many lenders. The selection is correspondingly high if the creditworthiness is given. This is important because the $ 28000 credit is always given with a long term. So it must be […]

Floating interest rate risk

We will start with a fundamental issue, i.e. we explain what interest rates are. This is a complex issue and at the same time very simple. Simply put, the interest rate is the cost of money. For example: when we borrow one hundred and ten percent USD, we must give back one hundred and ten […]