Icon-o-matic 2.06

Published on May 9, 2006 at 2:09 PM EST
In the Announcements category.

More pepperoni per square inch!

The Icon-o-matic plugin for Movable Type has been updated to version 2.06. This is a maintenance release to fix a little bug that caused some errors to show up in the server log. The bug is a warning that a variable has been redeclared, so it’s not significant, but here’s a fix anyway.

I have to apologize for not releaing this earlier. I’ve apparently had this fixed for months, and just never bothered to do anything with it—including using it on my own sites!

If you’ve already purchased Icon-o-matic you can get version 2.06 by redownloading from the link you received in the purchase e-mail. (Alternatively, e-mail Dan for help.) If you haven’t yet, you can purchse Icon-o-matic for only $10.